Registration policy

How to register…


… as a team

1. Registration will open on at 12 PM CET on 12th of March and close at 12 PM CET on the 16th of March.

2. Registration will take place through institutions, with each institution entitled to one registration.

3. All institutions must provide a number of registered adjudicators equal to one less the number of registered teams (n-1).

4. The registration fee is 280€ per person.

… as an adjudicator

1. You can register as an institutional judge for your institution. Alternatively institutions who cannot provide sufficient adjudicators to meet their n-1 commitment may “sell” judge slots to adjudicators from other institutions.

2. You can apply as an Independent Adjudicator. There will be a separate registration process for IAs, it will open on the 25th of March and close on 8th of April.

3. The registration fee is 280€ per person.

 … as an observer

There will be a separate registration for observers. We will keep you posted of the relevant deadlines via Facebook and our web page. Registration fee for observers is 400€.


Registration guide

Registration begins at 12:00 PM CET 12th of March and ends at 12:00 CET on the 16th of March. The exact time of registration does not factor into the order in which teams are allocated as long as the registration happens while the registration window is open. Later registrations will not be possible, except for exceptional circumstances, at the discretion of the org comm and will be deprioritised to teams who completed registration on time. The registration link will be posted on Facebook and our webpage

The registration fee is 280€ per person. The deadline for a deposit payment of 50% is the 10th of April, and the remaining 50% need to be paid by the 5th of May.  Deposits are non refundable.

1. The whole list of applicants is checked for possible double-entries and non-eligible institutions. Such entries will be removed.

2. All institutions will be ranked according to their break average (ESL or open) over the past three years (excluding year hosting EUDC), with ties between institutions with equal break record ranked randomly within their brackets.

3. All institutions which register during the allocation window will be allocated a first team.

4. After the list has been exhausted, a second team spot will be allocated to the institutions that wish to have a second team spot, starting with institutions that have a higher break average.

5. If there are any more available team spots, the same procedure will be repeated until all spots are filled. This includes reallocations in cases in which institutions do not meet the payment deadlines.

6. If at any point any discrepancies arise with the registration details (i.e. eligibility issues etc.), the registration team reserves the right to expel the teams that are affected by these issues.

Adjudicator registration

The n-1 adjudicator rule applies, where “n” is the amount of team spots that have been allocated to the institution, so for example, if an institution has two team spots allocated (n=2), then the institution must provide one (n=2, n-1=1) adjudicator and so on. Adjudication spots can be traded, i.e. filled by someone who does not study at the university that received the slot, as long as the relevant payments are done in due time and the registration team are notified of such trades. Someone receiving subsidy or a reg waiver as an Independent Adjudicator cannot also be counted as an institutional adjudicator. The same deadlines for payments, registration details and everything else applies to the adjudicators as to the teams.

EDIT: The preliminary allocations list, as well as the waiting list can be found here.


Registration process

The registration fee for debaters and adjudicators is 280€ per person. If full payment of a team spot has not reached us by the deadline, we will reallocate the spot to the next team on the waiting list. Once a team on the waiting list has been offered a spot in the tournament, the team will have 2 weeks to pay their registration fee, starting from when they are offered the spot. If the team forfeits their spot or fails to pay the registration fee on time, the spot will be offered to the next team on the waiting list. This process will be repeated until all spots are taken and paid for. The waiting list will be publicly available to anyone.

Payment details will be published after the first round of spots is allocated.


Invoices are available for those who need them. In case you need an invoice, send us e-mail to

Teams that do not meet their respective payment deadline will be cut from the tab. This policy will be strictly enforced as our team will take pleasure in cutting teams that do not comply with the rules and deadlines of the tournament. There are no refunds for teams that forfeit their team spots after payment or are removed from the competition by the organisers for any reason. The only exception to this is getting a refund in the unlikely event of a team being denied their team spot after the payment has been made because of misallocation problems.

No institution is entitled to a team slot or a certain number of team slots. We reserve the right to withdraw slots of institutions that do not meet payment deadlines, do not comply to the eligibility, equity or other rules at all times.

There will be a separate registration for observers at a later time. We will keep you posted of the relevant deadlines via Novi Sad EUDC Facebook and our web page. Registration fee for observers is 400€.


Details will be provided soon on our web and facebook page. The organising committee aims to allocate participants into hotel rooms based on their preferences, though sadly we can not guarantee that every single participant will be able to share a room with only members of their institution. We will include an option for roommate preferences to be expressed during the pre-registration phase and will strive to take these into account as much as possible.

The registration fee covers accommodation in the hotel during the tournament (6 nights), food throughout the tournament, logistics and other tournament related expenses. You will need your own cash (in Serbian Dinar – RSD) for e.g. drinks at some socials, souvenirs, other things you want to do in Novi Sad. Please note that while many venues in Novi Sad take card payments, some do not.

By registering yourself at Novi Sad EUDC, you agree to the terms and conditions that have been laid out in this document as well as to the equity code of Novi Sad EUDC, rules and regulations that have been detailed in the EUDC Constitution. You will be required to sign a document upon your arrival to the first on-site registration to confirm your adherence of previously mentioned rules and regulations. By entering the registration process, you agree that your data can be used and processed by the Novi Sad EUDC team and relevant third parties (i.e. for accommodation, dietary preferences etc.).

Data processing

In the second stage of registration there will be an option for participants to opt out of the publication of pictures and videos taken of them at the competition. In the case of unwanted photos being published, participants have the right to ask that individual photos of them would be removed.

Legal Participation in the competition

Being granted a slot does not automatically grant participation in the tournament. Participants who have not paid the registration fee on time or are in any way in breach of the rules and regulations of the tournament or the EUDC constitution will be banned from taking part in the tournament with no refunds offered. The organising committee reserves the right to deny participants access to the tournament, socials and/or accommodation, if the organising committee deem these participants to be a risk to the competition or the participants of the competition. Such situations might be (but are not limited to): cases of serious equity violations, serious violations of the local law, highly inappropriate behaviour at any point, violating orders of the organising committee or the volunteers that concern the security of the competition.


The list of countries that are eligible to participate in the tournament can be found at this link. (This list is maintained by council, please notify EUDC council if you believe it may be in error.)

Institutions are responsible for selecting participants that submit to all of the relevant rules and regulations of the tournament. Delegates that do not submit to the rules and regulations will be denied participation in the tournament, with no chance of reimbursement or a possibility of having substitute delegates. Registration and participation in the tournament takes place at the participants’ own risk. The organisers are clear from any liability to the registered institutions and/or individuals.

If a person needs an invitation letter to obtain a visa to participate at the tournament, the participant may be asked by the organising committee to present a signed and stamped document from their university that verifies that the participant is indeed representing that university at the tournament.

Liability waiver

The organising committee reserves the right to demand proof of the participants’ courses of study and/or any other evidence to confirm the eligibility of participants at any part during or before the tournament. In addition, Pre-Council is entitled to decide on teams and adjudicators that will be unable to break at the competition. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our organising committee. We kindly ask you to write to


In case you have any questions relating to registration, please email us ( as opposed to sending us a message on Facebook. Facebook messages have to be sorted and sent forward to the correct teams, increasing the chance of messages getting lost and decreasing the chance of you getting a quick reply.