Our convenor is Jovan Petronijević.

Jovan has been actively involved in debating since Belgrade EUDC 2012. He has convened several international competitions across Serbia and has always worked hard to bring the debate to places outside the Serbian capital. His first convenorship was in his hometown of Arandjelovac, and he’s still proud he managed to gather top debaters from all over Europe in a modest Serbian town. In the years following his organizational debut, he convened other international competitions, including: 

– Arandjelovac Open 2013
– Arandjelovac Open 2014
– Arandjelovac Open 2015
– Serbian Summer debate camp 2017 – Nis
– PEP IV 2016 – Belgrade
– PEP IV 2017 – Belgrade
– PEP IV 2018 – Belgrade
– Novi Sad Open 2017

Jovan’s organizational talents have been noticed outside debating as well. He has been part of the executive board for the annual student competition “Menadzerijada”. During his 3 years serving on the board, Menadzerijada has been organized in 3 different countries and attended by more than 4000 students.
As a speaker and a judge, Jovan has attended more than 50 international debate competitions. He has won 5 of them and served as a member of the A team on 6 of them.