Chief Adjudicators

Duncan Crowe – Chief Adjudicator

Duncan is a WUDC (2014) and EUDC (2015) Finalist. As a speaker he has broken to the Cambridge and Oxford Semi Finals, the Durham, Trinity, Paris, Leiden and Scottish Mace Final (three times) and won the Istanbul Open, WUDC Masters and Ljubljana Open (twice). He has judged the WUDC Grand Final (2016) and EFL Final (2017) and the EUDC ESL Final (2017) and served as CA of the English and Scottish Maces, Helsinki, Lund, Vienna, BBU, UCD, SOAS, Strathclyde, Leeds and Cape Town Open amongst others, and DCA for the North American Debating Championships in 2017. He worked for two years as a Debate Coach at the University of Vermont and has run debating academies in Slovenia, Serbia, Belarus, Bulgaria and China.
On the run up to Novi Sad you should be able to see him at the English Mace, Glasgow Ancients, Barcelona Open, Athens Open, the MGMIO Academy and the Novi Sad Open.


Olivia Sundberg Diez – Chief Adjudicator

Olivia is one of the Chief Adjudicators for Novi Sad EUDC 2018 and was a Deputy Chief Adjudicator at Tallinn EUDC 2017. She has been a Chief Adjudicator at over 45 tournaments across Europe, is an EUDC Open Finals judge, and has chaired multiple out-rounds, including an Oxford IV Semi Final and an EUDC ESL Semi Final. Olivia has won or been best speaker at 15 tournaments, including the Trinity IV, SOAS Open, Westminster Open or Leiden Open, and broken at over 30 as a speaker, including breaking 6th at Vienna EUDC 2015.
Among others, you will see her at the Barcelona Open, Paris Open, Vienna IV, and multiple tournaments in the Spanish and Latin American debating circuit in the run up to EUDC!


Daan Welling – Deputy Chief Adjudicator
Daan is a project officer at IDEA NL, where he runs national and international debating and education projects. As a debater he won the EUDC ESL final in 2012, reached the WUDC ESL final in 2013 and the WUDC Open quarterfinal in 2016. As a judge he broke at EUDC three times, judging the open final in 2013. He’s been or will be on the CA-team of more than 20 competitions across Europe and on the faculty of 4 debate camps.
You can find him at Athens, Vienna, WSDA, and most competitions in The Netherlands.



Dee Courtney – Deputy Chief Adjudicator

Dee was a Finalist of Warsaw EUDC and a Quarter-Finalist of Malaysia WUDC and Thessaloniki WUDC. She was a Finalist of the Cambridge IV, a Semi-Finalist of the Oxford IV and has broken as a speaker at more than a dozen other competitions. She was the winner of the UCD IV, the Cork Open and the top speaker at four competitions. As a judge, Dee progressed to the EFL Semi-Final at Dutch WUDC and has broken at more than a dozen competitions including chairing the ESL Final of the Trinity IV, the Novice Final of the Cork IV and the Semi-Final of the Paris Open. Dee has been a CA of the Trinity IV, the SOAS Open and the Imperial IV along with four other competitions. 


Gigi Gil – Deputy Chief Adjudicator

Gigi is a Deputy Chief Adjudicator of EUDC 2018 and a Medical Student in Leiden, the Netherlands. As a speaker, she has over 40 speaking breaks and including having reached the ESL Final and Open PDQs at Tallinn EUDC, the ESL semifinal at Thessaloniki WUDC, the ESL quarterfinals at Warsaw EUDC and the Open PDOs at Dutch WUDC. She has been, or will be on over 30 CA teams, including the LSE Open 2018, Riga IV 2017 and Trinity IV 2017. In total, she has over 40 judging breaks, including Zagreb EUDC.



Ilija Ivanišević – Deputy Chief Adjudicator

Ilija is the Tallinn EUDC ESL finalist, open breaking speaker who also entered the top 10 ESL speekers. Ilija broke twice more at EUDC and once at WUDC, as well as to the open quarterfinals of Oxford IV. Moreover, he won couple of international competitions including the Belgrade Open (where he was also the top speaker), Zagreb Open, BBU Open and many more. He CAed the Budapest Open, Split Open, UCU Open, to name a few, and chaired the finals of Helsinki Open, UCL IV, Stockholm Open and many more. He trained debaters from Serbia, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina…
Before Euros you can see him at the Zagreb Open, Belgrade Open, Vienna IV, Barcelona Open.


Yair Har – Oz – Deputy Chief Adjudicator

Yair has judged the Open Grand Final at Dutch WUDC 2017, where he also chaired the octo-finals. He also broke at Tallinn EUDC, at Thessaloniki WUDC 2016, and has broken as a judge at over 25 other competitions. He has been on the adjudication team of 17 competitions, including the Vienna IV and Berlin IV. As a speaker, Yair has won six competitions, including the Tilbury House IV. He has reached the finals of multiple other tournaments including Riga Open, Budapest Open and Red Sea Open. He was the best speaker at the Israeli-university Sports Association Debate Tournament and at the TECHopen.
You can find him at Shanghai, Barcelona, and Paris.